Adult Services Hub is a dedicated directory for those working and seeking services within the adult industry. Whether you are a companion, masseuse, or offering personal services, ASH offers unique options for Clients, Service Providers, Business and support organisations.

1. Ethos
2. Registration
3. Password protection
4. Posting an Advert
5. Terms of sale
6. Refund policy and cancellation
7. Support Areas
8. Support Organisations
9. Declaration

1. Ethos

For a variety of reasons, the industry does not have a good reputation which is why we have posted our Ethos on the site. Although this is not enforceable by law, we would like to think that all our members will agree and follow these basic codes of conduct. After all, this is a people industry and safety and mutual respect is paramount.

2. Registration

Anyone over the age of 18, or legal age, may register with the site.
Anyone registering on this site does so under the declaration at the bottom of this page and per our Terms of use (terms and conditions), Privacy Statement, and Disclaimer as listed on the bottom of the main page.

By registering on the site, you also agree to abide by our ethos and terms and conditions. Also, in accordance with our anti trafficking policy all members state that they are free of duress of any kind, be it personal, emotional or by any third party to provide any services listed on their profile. Please refer to our Ethos, Terms and Conditions and section 9 at the bottom of the page. Please also refer to our Anti Trafficking statement.

You can only choose one type of member type, i.e. Client, Service Provider, Agency or Business.
Once registered, and you will be sent your registration confirmation link which will include your password, which you can subsequently change. Your registration will not become active until you have confirmed your email address (Please check your spam folder).

Once registered, you will have access to the respective support area. Please note that you will only have access to the relevant support area. I.e. – Clients will only have access to the client support area. Service providers, to the SP support area etc.

Clients – Once registered, Clients will have access to view any Service provider/Business provider listing. Clients are able to contact the advertiser via the site, or via the contact information on the advertiser’s listing (If provider)

Agencies – Please note that if you are acting as an Agency, we monitor all registrations and listings. All agencies must register under Agency. (This does not prevent you listing under ‘Escorts Offered’ category.)
Any Agency registering as an Independent Service Provider will either be changed to Agency, or will have their registration and any listings amended or deleted from the site.

3. Password protection

Unfortunately, even though registering and setting up a profile is relatively easy, there are some people who like to steal other people’s profiles, either to gain access to SP feedbacks, or for other illegal reasons.

Please note that ASH will NEVER ask you for you to supply your password information. Why would we as we already have it on file!!

Never ever reveal your password or any other personal information, however real the email address looks from the sender. If you do receive such emails, please contact us without delay.

4. Posting an advert

Once you have logged in, simply click on ‘Add Listing’.

We have two options, Free and Paid Listing/Advertisement.
To protect our members, all Registrations and Listings have to be approved by the Site Administrators. The Administrators have the right to Amend or Delete any registration or listing that does not comply with our Terms of Use. This includes, but is not limited to: Offensive Content, be that written or photographic, anyone posting inaccurate, misleading or false/fake listings, links to dead or suspicious website-address or any listing that indicates that the services offered are illegal, including by not limited to under legal age, providing services under duress, and/or any other content that the Administrators deem fit to question. 

Free Listing/Advertisement – You can list as many free listings/advertisements as you like!. Free listings includes: About me (Free form text box to list something about yourself/services offered etc.), your location and one main photo.
Under a Free Listing, member can only contact you via the website and no external links
Please note that all contact information, including email addresses, telephone number(s) website address etc. are NOT allowed under this option and any contact information, including those showing on the main photo, will be removed.

Free listings are valid for 30 days. You will receive an email several days before the listing is due to expire, and a further email advising when the listing has expired. However, we appreciate that this might cause some issues for clients, so once you have created your listing if you require you’re listing to be extended, please contact us.

Paid Listing/Advertisement

£10.00 per listing – Valid for 30 days from date of approval.
All paid listings are valid for 30 days and include just some of the following:

Internal Email. Optional: 2x external email Addresses, 2x external website links, 2x telephone numbers. Up to 10 Photos (please note that any photos showing genitalia will be deleted). ‘About me’ free form text box. Advertisers can also list ‘Services Offered’ included in Donation. Personal statistics and Age ranges preferred.

Advertise for 90 days for £25.00 – saving £5.00

Number of paid listings
We do not restrict the number of listings a member can have. Please note that each listing is £10.00 for 30 days, or £25.00 for 90 days.

An Independent service provider, you can post, for example, (or less/more) in any category of your choice, so you could list 1 under – ‘Escorts Offered’, 1 under ‘Massage offered’, 1 under ‘On Tour’, 1 under ‘VIP’ or ‘International’, and 1 under mature. Alternatively you can list all 5 under Escorts offered. The choice and flexibility is yours.

For Agencies, the same applies.  With unrestricted listings you can, for example post a main listing in ‘Agencies Offered’, advertise for staff in ‘Escorts Wanted’, and also create individual profile listings. Each listing includes: ‘About me’ free form text box, Internal Email. Optional: 2x external email Addresses, 2x external website links, 2x telephone numbers. Up to 10 Photos per listing (please note that any photos showing genitalia will be deleted). Alternatively, you can list 10 listings in the ‘Escorts Offered’ category.

Business can advertise either free or paid listings as above – Again, Free listings customers can only contact you via the internal messaging system. Paid listings offer external telephone, email and website links. Again you can list under one or more categories.

5. Terms of sale

Any monies paid to us are for the services of advertising only and will be provided to you in accordance with our terms and conditions for the length of time specified at the point of transaction.
No warranties or guarantees are made or implied as to response from any paid for or free advertising that you opt to take out on this website.
Payments will be debited from your chosen payment method on or around the first day of your advert/profile being published.
Any disputes regarding sales must be made to us within 28 days of purchase.

6. Refund Policy and cancellation

All payments are made in advance/placement of listing/advertisement and once accepted, payment will be debited from your chosen payment method. Once your listing/advertisement has been published, refunds will not be issued. If your advertisement is deemed to be false, misrepresents, does not comply with our Terms of use, or in any way illegal, we reserve the right to cancel both the listing/advertisement and user registration with no refund or compensation of any kind.

If you wish to cancel your account, please email us.

7. Support Areas

We believe that are support areas are the most comprehensive of any adult Directory. Unlike others that list a few links to external websites/organisations, our support areas have articles on everything from Safety, Screening, Health (Physical and emotional), Do’s and Don’ts and many many more.

Access to the support areas is governed by your registration, so it is important that you register under the correct listing, i.e., Client, Service Provider or Agency as this determines which support area you will be able to access.

The support area documents/articles are for reference only. Adultseviceshub accepts no liability or responsibility for any actions or decisions made on the basis of any of the articles. If in doubt, seek legal advice before acting.

8. External Support Organisations

We are dedicated to safety within the industry which is why we are happy to offer free advertising to support organisations and charities like Rape Crisis organisations and those dedicated to preventing/rescuing those forced into the industry, preventing sex trafficking, under age sex, and violence against ‘sex workers’ etc.

If you are an organisation/charity working in these areas, please contact us so we can arrange a free listing.

9. By registering and/or advertising on this site, I/We DECLARE….

1. That I/we are of legal age of consent (Min 18+/21+)
2. I/We offer our services under our own free will, and that we are under no physical, financial, emotional or other duress to provide our services.
3. I/we hereby confirm that I will not offer any services that are against the law and/or religion or customs in my country/region.
4. All members agree to treat other members on the site with mutual respect, will not cause physical harm, including mental or emotional stress to any other member of the site, including sending offensive or inappropriate messages/emails, including spam.
5. All details listed on any listing/Advertisement are accurate in their descriptions (including any personal services that may be offered).
6. All members (if applicable) declare that you are free of all STIs.
7. You declare (if applicable) that Clients are paying for your time and not any other activities that may happen between consenting adults.
8. I/We have read, understand and agree with the site’s Ethos, Terms of use (Terms and Conditions), Privacy Statement, and Disclaimer as listed on our Terms of use.

Adultserviceshub ( is the trading name of Adrian Golding Ltd – Company Number 9964861 -Registered office – Brunel House,340 Firecrest Court, Centre Park, Warrington, WA1 1RG United Kingdom